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Pledge Letter Submission Form

2024 Tax Credit Pledge Letter Only.  Please complete the form to state your current position regarding make a pledge for Cornerstone Aviation Academy.

By Submitting this form you understand:

- This would be a 50% tax credit directly from the State of Kansas. If the application for tax credits were to be awarded

- Cornerstone Aviation Academy is a tax charitable 501c3 tax exempt organization all donation are consider tax deductible. The remaining 50% will be applied to this statues directly from CSAA.

By submitting this form you are stating that following

- My gift would allow me to consider a larger gift to this project that I might not otherwise be able to contribute.

- The benefits of Cornerstone Aviation Academy General Operation Support to our community are unlimited and the CSP Tax Credits are the best available resource to help raise the needed funds for the completion of the project.

-The tax credit program would have a significant impact on the fundraising efforts of this project and therefore the quality of life and services that will make a lasting impression in Kansas Community.

- I am an authorize representative/agent of the above named entity/individual and have express authority and execute this form.

Please use your mouse for the signature line. 

Thank you for your pledge.

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